Exploring Amazonia at RGS Amazon Adventure


Tonight the Royal Geographic Society, Hong Kong will hold a talk titled "Exploring Amazonia: The Great Explorers of South America". The lecture will be hosted by Robin Hanbury-Tenison, one of the biggest nutters of his generation, the type of man who inhabits the dreams of young boys the world over. Freddy Krueger aside.

If you enjoy lazy Sunday afternoons watching extraordinarily shaped breasts and men hunting with poison darts on the Discovery Channel, perhaps with a double pepperoni on the way, then this talk is the one for you.

has led 30 international expeditions on every continent on earth, has helped save more than 500 minority ethnic groups around the world through his charity, Survival International, is the author of some 20 books and holds the Royal Geographical Society's Gold Medal. Which would be immensely irritating if you were his older brother.

In the lecture he will trace the history of exploration across the South American continent from the great early explorers of South America to his own early pioneering travels. It's a must for anyone who can make it.

Do some exploring yourself…

"Exploring Amazonia: The Great Explorers of South America"
by Dr. Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE, FLS
Mon, March 21
British Council, 3 Supreme Court Road, Admiralty
Prices: HK$100 (Members) & HK$150 (Non-members)


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