Hong Kong Art Walk 2011 Art Walk Hits Hong Kong Today


Art Walk is a brilliant part of Hong Kong's artistic calendar. It's the one night of the year when galleries partner restaurants so you can feast on a ridiculous amount of food, wine and culture in a Henry VIII meets speed-dating, artistic extravaganza.

Sure, we enjoy a trip to a gallery from time to time, but in Hong Kong we might enjoy our Wednesday nights even more. With Art Walk these two joys of life are twinned, actively encouraging you to get pickled and engorged while you wander round the city's foremost galleries.

Tonight's event will take place from 5pm to midnight, comprising over 60 galleries and over 60 partnering restaurants. You simply purchase a ticket to gain access to this array of culinary and artistic institutions including 10 Chancery Lane, Amelia Johnson Contemporary, State-of-the-Arts Gallery and Contemporary by Angela Li.

It's also difficult to forget you're paying to feed the stomach as much as the soul when participating restaurants range from The Brunch Club to Frites and Posto Pubblico to The Phoenix. There's no guessing where you'll end up but you might just finish off feeling more enthusiastic about surrealism than when you started.

Grab a napkin.

Hong Kong Art Walk 2011
Where: From Sheung Wan to Causeway Bay and everywhere in between
Tickets: $450 – All food, drink, entry is free thereafter
Purchase tickets at participating venues, listed on website


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