Bold & Noble Type Map Warholing The Walls


So you want to brighten things up a tad at home, add some pizzazz, a little colour, a little personality. You're no art expert, you don't really know your Remy from your Renoir, but you can pick out what you like from a suitable line up and that's good enough for us.

What you're looking for is something that's not too pricy, not too permanent; you want value for money, something pleasing to the eye, but you're not looking to make a long term investment. Bold & Noble design in the UK has a range of unique screen prints that they produce by hand using environmentally-friendly materials including recycled card, and which are guaranteed to give your flat the spark that it needs.

They use the silkscreen process of production, a la Andy Warhol, and the results are bold and innovative – look out for their unique country type maps, the best way to show your patriotism (although they don't have HK yet). And if you have something special in mind, perhaps an abstract landscape from your adopted city's skyline, or the curvy profile of a new play pal, they also do commissions.

Cause art should be about making you happy.

Bold & Noble Type Map
From GBP38 plus GBP10 for postage



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