NecesCity Man Academy Learn How to be a Better Man


When Mr Miyagi first befriended Daniel LeRusso in the Karate Kid, he knew the young brave heart had a lot to learn, but, through perseverance and dedication, he taught him how to be a lean, mean, crane-kicking machine. History is filled with such relationships as the skills and lessons of our ancestors are passed down through the generations.

Now we learn our moves between the sheets from Californian porn, our driving from The Fast & The Furious, and our golf swing from the Wii. We pick up the mantle with our unique half day MAN Academy (a Hong Kong first), designed for the modern day gentleman.

In an interactive series of seminars, engaging Mr Miyagis will talk straight about things that really matter to men. Discussions will focus on fitness & nutrition, fashion & style, the art of sex & pleasure, fine wines and even molecular mixology.

Participation is limited to just a few brethren to ensure you get plenty of hands on experience (like having Jenna Jameson as a PE teacher). At the end we will drink to your success and present you with your graduation certificate.

And a black belt in the Man Arts.

NecesCity Man Academy
Saturday, November 13, 1-6pm
HK$ 490
Hush, G/F, 2 Glenealy, Central, Tel: +852 2537 2281,


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