One Minute Portrait Get your Profile in less than 60 Secs


There is no doubting it, the internet is a funny place and even funnier people are using it to make money, from catalogues of used Japanese panties, to Cannabis seeds from Canada and of course video sex with the Philippines.

Now one guy with pretty average art skills (it's amazing what you learn in prison these days), is using the web to do what street buskers have done for generations, and you might be surprised by the results.

One minute portraits is literally that. You send in a photo of yourself or your mates, and their team of monkeys, who work feverishly around the clock, will pen a profile of you in less than 60 seconds, before posting it on their site for all the world to see.

Should you be impressed by their Vitruvian interpretation of you, you can buy the picture for US$20. Does the money go to charity? We don't think so. Is it the epitome of an e-economy? Absolutely.

Will you be getting your next Picasso-esque profile online? Quite possibly, but we completely understand why.

Vanity knows no bounds.

One Minute Portrait
US$19.95 if you buy it