TEDx Pearl River TED Comes to Hong Kong


TED is like the guy we'd all like to have around. He's the one that can inspire you, who always knows what's going on and has his finger on the pulse of society. He knows tons of interesting things from how glaciers are made to analyzing body language in modern society and the inside scoop of Iranian politics. He's the man women want and men want to be like. TED is the website with all the answers and now it's coming to Asia.

The TEDxPearlRiver event will be held in October at Tai Koo Place's ArtisTree, a space dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture. Created in the same “ideas worth spreading” dogma as U.S.’s TED, speakers will include businessman, philanthropist and founder of DHL International Po Yang-Chung; celebrated conductor Perry So, and scientists, photo journalists, adventurers and entrepreneurs.

There will also be presentations by Cybertecture architect James Law, designer Joanne Ooi, Animal Welfarist Jill Robinson, entomologist Christophe Barthelemy, and venture capitalist Po Chi Wu. Although the invite only event is limited to 500, there is room for 50 newbies based on application and, as with all TED events, the event will be webcast live.

TED. A man’s best inspirational website.

Saturday, October 30, 9am-7pm
ArtisTree, Island East, Tai Koo Shing, Tel: 2844 6300


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