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Time To Grow Up

Art appreciation seems to be something that comes with age – like a maturity alarm clock that says “boys, rip out pages from last month's Maxim, as tasty as they might be, can no longer be considered art, no matter how...moved, you might be by them.” We think you should just suck it up and  accept that times, they're changin'. Fortunately Hong Kong has a pretty cool art scene if you know where to go, and owning art doesn't have to be the 'grown up' decision that it always seemed.

Osage Gallery was first established in our fair city in 2004 and now you can find their art savvy collections in both Soho and Kwun Tong, as well as Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore.

The galleries are devoted to the promotion and exhibition of both international and Asian art – and there is always space for a few choice of local pieces, to help the city's economy along.

But Osage is more than just a hang space; through their research programs, events, exhibitions and publications they hope to examine those questions of form and function which keep you up nights.

Exhibitions are not just statements, they're whole conversations. Take Java's Machine: Phantasmagoria for example. Running until August 22, it's the first solo exhibition by Indonesian artist Augustinus “Jompet” Kuswidananto, who explores the impacts of post-colonialism and globalisation of his home, Java.

If that's not a conversation point for your next Fong happy hour pick up, we don't know what is!

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