Grand Ocean Theatre Watch World Cup in 3D Glory


For years 3D technology was the stuff of cheesy drive in movies; of popcorn tubs and heavy petting sessions while space creatures lunged drunkenly from the screen, and viewers chewed Scopolamine like tic-tacs just to keep the motion sickness at bay.

Yet, as a cinematic experience, true 3D features were as underappreciated as Ashley Judd’s performance in Double Jeopardy – and viewed correctly, can be just as gripping. 3D technology is back with the Grand Ocean Theatre in TST showing 18 of the 25 World Cup matches in full multi-dimensional splendour, one of only a handful of cinemas around the world allowed to do so.

Each match is filmed with a total of seven cameras and then beamed to the Fragrant Harbour using advanced fibre optics. If you couldn’t get down to South Africa but still consider yourself a football die-hard, this is going to be the closest you’ll get to being on the pitch with the world’s top players.

At $300 a pop, it’s not cheap, there will be live Cantonese commentary, and a nary a Guinness in sight, but if you’ve always fancied attending a World Cup match that’s a cab ride from LKF, here’s your chance.

Shrek each your heart out.

Grand Ocean Theatre
Ocean Terminal, TST


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