Hong Kong Film Archive Watch Classic Movies in HK's Historic Archive


There is something special about movies, especially when it comes to the fairer sex. Classics like Casablanca and When Harry Met Sally have the ability to ignite the flames of passion faster than hair spray on a Zippo.

Film is all about the shared experience, the opportunity for viewers to identify with a movie’s characters and plot, and in turn find connection with that special someone holding the popcorn. Film brings our hopes and dreams and senses to life! It’s also a great excuse to dim the lights.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that Hong Kong has its own comprehensive film archive, a depository of great flicks from both sides of the city’s cultural coin. Apart from preserving film’s little gems, the archive also holds regular screenings that promise to not break the budget but open you up to film’s classic past, to a time before hobbits and blue-faced aliens dominated the big screen.

The archive also offers seminars and guest speakers and if you’re truly intent on having that Will Farrell marathon session with 125 of your closest pals, you can rent out their cinemas too.

Because film is about sharing.

Hong Kong Film Archive
Cinema rental fee: $1,500 for three hours – plays any movie except HD.
50 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho,
Telephone: 2739 2139
Website: www.filmarchive.gov.hk


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