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There are many things Hong Kong is famous for. There is the Peak Tram, wonton noodles and the Big Buddha. But despite the efforts of the city elders, and all the political discourse over the West Kowloon Cultural Desert – sorry, District – finding the city’s genuine artistic side can be trickier than surfing on the sun.


Fortunately, you can get your creative jab this weekend and the next, up at Fo Tan, the Hakka fishing village turned industrial estate that’s become home to the city’s arts scene. During the Fotanian Open Studios 2010, 59 studios will throw open their doors to the public, with 224 artists exhibiting their works across multiple mediums, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, printmaking, installations and photography. As part of the overall project, a special exhibition curated by Stella Tang Ying-chi will take over the car park of the Shantin Galleria, where eight artists will explore the question of dynamism and the co-existence of powers, while the Blue Lotus Gallery’s Alienated Urban Landscape has seven artists giving their interpretations of the city we live in.

Explore Hong Kong’s cultural oasis

Fotanian Open Studios 2010
January 16-17 and 23-24
Fo Tan Industrial Estate (near Shatin)

Nuts & Bolts
Hong Kong’s hidden arts community has its annual open day
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