East London Liquor Company The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Sometimes buying a gift for a mate can be a tricky one. You want to express all those underlying emotions without hitting the absinthe together first.

You’re a modern day bloke so you appreciate things that are practical, yet you enjoy a sense of style and ritual and heritage, so business socks are out. And let’s face it, there are only so many blow up, stain-resistant geisha dolls one man can give another, all joking aside.

To coincide with its first birthday, the East London Liquor Company is offering gents the chance to give their closest mates, brothers or fathers a gift with true meaning. They’re selling off their 25 inaugural casks, known as the Creators Cast 2015, and can airlift that little beauty to our fair shores. Introduce your nearest and dearest to the art of spirit aging with one of the first casks to be produced in London since the Lea Valley Distillery closed over a century ago. Casks range in size from 20-30 litres and in style from new oak and ex-red wine through to ex-bourbon. You then fill the cask with their favourite tipple or with time-honored concoctions, from the Manhattan to the Negroni or Old Fashioned. The cocktail or spirit will mellow and mature with the passing of time (much like your friendship), creating a gift that not only keeps on giving, but can be shared.

What else are friends for?


East London Liquor Company
Casks from GBP4, 100 (HK$ 49,700) for 30L


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