Bruce Lee: Kung Fu · Art · Life Enter the Dragon’s Lair


There are a handful of men that we as a gender respect for the way they epitomise what it means to be a man.

You might admire Muhammad Ali’s brash tenacity, Marlon Brando’s quiet steeliness, or Chuck Norris’ general badassery, but you probably overlooked the fact that each manly male was also highly skilled. Ali made boxing look like a dance; Brando delivered nuanced performances, and Norris is...well, generally a badass. Their masterful exploits have had our complete admiration for years, firmly enshrined in our minds as true gents.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is paying tribute to the Harbour City’s very own highly skilled manly male with an exhibition dedicated to kung fu master Bruce Lee. Titled Bruce Lee: Kung Fu · Art · Life, the exhibition traces Bruce Lee’s complex life through a collection of over 300 items which explores his east-meets-west background, his passion for martial arts, his films, and his cultural impact. Highlights from the exhibition include a personal notebook enumerating 108 cha-cha steps (Lee was a Hong Kong Cha-Cha Champion); his poetry from the 1960s, showcasing his free-verse style and surprisingly stunning penmanship; a copy of magazine TV Guide where Lee appears on the cover to promote his appearance on TV show The Green Hornet; his conceptual drawings for fight scenes from Enter the Dragon; and his iconic yellow tracksuit from Game of Death. The exhibition is on show until summer 2018.

Maybe you too will learn The Way of the Dragon.

Bruce Lee: Kung Fu · Art · Life  
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin
Tel: 2180 8188


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