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Some things were not designed to be done inside; swinging the proverbial cat for one; impromptu MMA with close kin another. The superstitious won’t let you open an umbrella indoors; road flares don’t react well to confined spaces; astronomy loses much of its pizazz; and you can never get enough run up for an indoor slip-and-slide.

But one thing you really should try taking outside is a cinema experience – let us paint a picture for you: a classic black and white flick or perhaps an 80s revival, the infinity of the Hong Kong night’s sky, populated with – let’s face it, in-bound Cathay flights – a perfectly chilled beer, and the company of a striking femme du jour. With Hush Up’s calendar of innovative movie nights – from Hong Kong’s only floating cinema at South Bay, through to a Silent Cinema experience complete with individual wireless headphones, and a Rooftop Cinema for that real retro feel – you can indulge in your two true passions: classic films like The Goonies and The Blues Brothers, and date nights without too much talking. Perhaps you could choose a romantic flick like Casablanca or When Harry Met Sally? After all, nothing sets the mood quite like a great storyline.

Lights, camera, action.

Hushup Cinema Experiences



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