Art Jamming Release Your Inner Picasso


So it’s 2014 and times, as Dylan so eloquently put it, they’re a changin’. Today you don’t have to be a rugged cowboy, all bottled up inside. It’s now okay to show your sensitive side, to let out your inner metrosexuality, to harness your creative powers, and to embrace your EQ. And if that makes you more attractive to the fairer sex; if that creates intangible bonds with your next lady friend, proving to be the honey needed to snare today’s modern woman, then so be it.

Art Jamming might be just the ticket. Located in Central, it’s not only a great third date activity, allowing you to display your creative prowess in a fun and interactive environment, but it’s also a fantastic emotional outlet for stressed out modern men just looking to be understood. With a price plan based on canvas quality and a total of four hours in each session, Art Jamming’s Wellington Street space is perfectly suited for artistic expression, with two paint floors linked by a staircase and space for 100 imaginative, budding artists – you never know, you might even make a few ‘canvas buddies’ in the process.

Either way, it’s cheaper than a shrink.

123 Wellington Street, Central
2541 8816

Business Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 2pm to 6pm Tuesday to Friday 7pm to 11pm [last check-in time 9pm] 
Saturday 7:30pm to 11:30pm [last check-in time 9:30pm]


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