Hong Kong International Jazz Festival 2009


The Hong Kong International Jazz Festival adds new magic to the table of elements
There’s something about jazz that both mellows and invigorates the mind. The improvisation, the undulating conversation between instruments, a unique passion and presence that allows for harmonious co-existence between audience and artist (unlike death metal or Gangsta rap) make jazz perfect for drawing in the ladies like culture-crazy moths to your man-flame.


You’re in luck. This year’s Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, running from October 1-15, will feature the best acts from Asia and beyond. Although sponsored by a shopping mall (isn’t everything in Hong Kong?) there’s still hope for the festival’s second running, opening acts of which will be performed at Elements’ Civic Square. The line-up includes Japan’s Yosuke Onuma, French accordionist, Richard Galliano, and local guitar hero, Eugene Pao, as well as the Henderson Berlin Chambers Trio, Jan Lundgren, Enrico Rava, Tim Garland and Hong Kong’s Tsang Tak Hong. There will be a total of 17 concerts, which is more than enough chances to show how culturally and artistically deep you are to the fairer sex. Fortunately, you won’t always have to go shopping in West Kowloon; there are shows at Backstage, Dada Lounge, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre concert hall and the Shatin Town Hall Piazza.

“A waba doo waa, that’s how ya whoo her.”

The Hong Kong International Jazz Festival
Tickets (HK$200, 320, 420, 520) available at URBTIX and Tom Lee Music outlets.
Discounted tickets available to members of the Hong Kong Jazz Association, and group tickets.
Reservation and ticketing enquiry: 2734-9009 (10am-8pm)
Program enquiry: 2523-8292 (Mon - Sat, 1-7pm)
Credit card reservation hotline: 2111-5999 (10am-8pm)
On-line purchase: www.urbtix.hk

The Nuts & Bolts

Check out this year’s international jazz festival, for top quality acts and a chance for a home run.


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