Duddell’s Eating & Art Restaurant & Art Space


Duddell’s is a new kind of concept in Hong Kong, a restaurant-meets-art-space that seems to be nailing both. In October, for instance, the gallery side of the venue will host an exhibition curated by Ai Weiwei, while the food - which is the work of Chef Siu Hin-chi, previously of Michelin-starred T’ang Court, is moreish Cantonese fare. Nourishment for the soul as much as your digestive tract.

It’s the brainchild of Alan Lo (Press Room Group), Paulo Pong (etc. wine shops) and Yenn Wong (who was also behind 22 Ships) so they know their way around a food and drinks list. The menu consists of the likes of Steamed Kurobuta Pork Dumplings with Scallop and Crab Coral, Steamed Chicken and Pork Bun with Coriander, and Fried Beef Cubes with Wasabi Soy Sauce. Prices are in the top bracket for Chinese food - HK$90 for a portion of dim sum and HK$320 for roast suckling pig - but nothing like what you’d spend on an average western meal. Why is pasta so ludicrously expensive in this city?

Having said all that, the place is more about art than eating. You’ll find rolling exhibitions (at the moment they’re holding a series on portraiture), art talks, films - which range from documentaries to classics - and even a “Plastic Cup Night”. Basically a piss up with a DJ. The place itself is also impressive. Located above Shanghai Tang’s new home, it covers two floors, 8,000 square feet and includes a 2,000 square foot terrace. Perfect for sundowners and gibbering artistic nonsense about the pre-Raphaelites.

It ain’t no dud.

3F – 4F, 1 Duddell Street, Central
2525 9191


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