CKI - Win HK$34K Miro Set Win a 7-Piece Miro Set Worth a Packet


CKI, the fine art investment specialists are giving away a 7-piece Miro suite worth HK$34,000. One lucky NecesCity reader is going to win - why can't it be you? Imagine: you've just come back from a tough day crunching spreadsheets and you see those seven lithographs on the wall staring back at you. Might even require a new wall.

Miro was a god and his Escultor Suite is a beauty. Created in 1974 on Guarro Paper, the set is part of an edition of 1,500 and shows the Master's typically unorthodox, colourful style. To win the 7-piece series, just enter your details into the raffle which closes on June 10. It's that simple.

The set is currently in the last year of a rental period which means you won’t have it until 12 months' time, but you will get the money from the rent this year - $2,550 to be precise. Think about that, you'll be getting paid to own work by a Master, it's nonsensically awesome. Then, once the 12 months is up, you can do what you want with it, whether that's a Miro party or storing them in your new vault.

CKI is an interesting business because, besides helping clients to buy works by the Masters for affordable prices, they offer a corporate rental service (hence the HK$2,550 over the coming year). They essentially help owners lease their art for a guaranteed 7.5% annual return, and whereas their contracts were formerly of the 2-year variety, they're now also available for three and four year terms. Time to join the party.

Miro, miro on the wall...

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