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Collins & Kent International (CKI) is hosting a VIP Picasso exhibition of rare 'Works on Paper' featuring several pieces never exhibited before. The show includes a gallery tour with CKI's Art Director for Asia Pacific, Michael Donnan, who'll explain how you can put together a valuable art collection for less than HK$300,000. If you don't think your lady will accept another set of car keys for your next birthday, surely she can't veto a Picasso?

The 42-piece collection includes 30 linocuts, 7 lithographs, and 5 etchings by The Master. Many of them have been sourced directly from Picasso's archives as well those of his printers and his granddaughter, Marina. What a family to have been born into. Several of the works were stored the day they were created and are only now being displayed for the first time. Prices aren't too scary either, starting at HK$40,000 for a signed lithograph. Money, it seems, does grow on paper.

CKI specialises in 'proofs' which are rarer than commercial editions and come in various forms. The most highly prized are 'trial proofs' (printed as the artist refines each piece) because they not only show the distinct stages of the creative process, they're also one-offs. If you're still feeling hesitant, remember it's always good to have some portable wealth stashed away like a painting - along with a submersible and a ready supply of arms.

To register for a VIP tour (available until Nov 30) sign up here.

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