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Underworld Live


Underworld hit AsiaWorld-Expo for a touch of plane spotting
As one of the most influential films of the 1990s, Trainspotting was a film raw with energy and intensity, amplifying a sense of realism to the masses, while still settling comfortably into a role in cultish pop culture. The soundtrack to this Academy award-winning drama of life under the spell of the heroin fairy became an anthem for British dance culture (and we’re not talking about “Lord of the Dance” here) and opened up the clubbing scene to millions of listeners and viewers, globally.


The driving force behind that anthem and many others was Underworld, a British DJ group consisting of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, who will grace the turntables in Hong Kong this month for one night only. Although the group’s name sounds more like a direct-to-DVD film about sordid Goth cheerleaders, it’s only the Hyde and Smith’s latest incarnation and, despite the instantaneous fame resulting from the Trainspotting track “Born Slippy”, this was only one of a myriad of heaving, pounding, teeth-jittering tracks over the past 15 years. As a live act, Underworld are engaging, charismatic, high-octane and yet soulful. The recent introduction of live instrumental elements to their performance is guaranteed to make you want to bounce off the walls, talk bollocks to complete strangers, and replace your heart beat with the inherent persona of the music. In Hong Kong, Underworld will be supported by Headroom and Fantastic Plastic Machine (every woman should have one).

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose Underworld in Hong Kong.

Underworld Live in Hong Kong
September 30, 2009 at 9pm
Hall 10, AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Tel: 3606-8828
Standing tickets (HK$590) available at

The Nuts & Bolts: Iconic British duo Underworld hit the stage in Hong Kong for one night only.

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