Wednesday, 22.11.2017

RobotPrintr for HK Snaps Print Your Memories onto Canvas


RobotPrintr is a Hong Kong company that prints your digital photos onto canvas and we’ve got a few to give away. You’ve probably come across similar businesses before but this one’s based in our city, plus we’re a fan of the wider concept. The fact is we take more photos than ever before but unless you enjoy slideshows or celebrating how great your life is on Facebook, there’s no way to share them. And think of poor old Kodak.

RobotPrintr can use any digital photo - gleaned from your phone, DSLR, or iPad - and print it onto the canvas of your choice. Shapes include Square, Classic and Panorama, with the very biggest spanning 24” x 24”. A picture of yourself lying in a mankini on a white Balinese beach, for instance, might merit the largest panorama (10” x 40”) and that would set you back HK$730.

Prices actually start at HK$410, and although they openly state their not the cheapest, they insist they don’t skimp on quality. If you want to get your hands on one of their canvases simply Like their Facebook page and tell us the best place in Hong Kong to buy art by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’s a perfect present for your ladyfriend. You’ll look creative and emotionally engaged without moving from your hard drive.

Robot reality.


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