Do some good at TwestivalHK

Unless you live in a hole, you’re probably familiar with, if not already an addict of, Twitter, the ever-popular social networking and micro-blogging service that has hit the online community by storm. Are you a certified Tweetaholic or a Twitterati? Are you suffering from Twitterrhea? If you have absolutely no idea what we’re jibbering about, it’s time to take out the Twictionary.


See what all the fuss is about by joining other Tweeples from Hong Kong at the second Twestival. This event will see Twitter communities from the world over (a.k.a. the Twitosphere) raising money for charity. Thanks to the local host, Jay Oatway (the city’s top Tweeter with more than 72,000 followers), at TwestivalHK there will be free Carlsberg beer, free music entertainment and free laughs offered by the local Take-Out Comedy regulars. In the first global #Twestival fundraiser last February, Hong Kong and over 180 cities worldwide raised money to provide clean water to more than 16,000 people in Ethiopia. This time around, as the focus will be on local charities, all proceeds will go to the Language Training Program at the Po Leung Kuk Orphanage. Before you leave, be sure to purchase an event T-shirt (HK$100; all goes to charity) as proof that you are a tweeting do-gooder.

Just be careful what you dweet later.

#Twestival on September 12, 2009
Culture Club (13 Elgin Street, Soho) and Guru (15 Elgin Street, Soho), Central
Tickets available online (HK$150) or at the door (HK$160).

The Nuts & Bolts: Attention all Tweeples! Join other Tweetaholics and Twitteratis alike at the second Twestival fundraiser in Hong Kong.

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