Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Benoit Ollive at The Space HK French Graffuturism Artist at The Space


Tonight The Space will unveil a solo exhibition by French artist Benoit Ollive, a talented 24-year-old who mixes contemporary graffiti with architecture into a genre called ‘Graffuturism’. We wonder how the French translate that term, a nation so proud they have an official government body to create new words to retain their language’s integrity. Although they still got stumped by the Big Mac didn't they. That’s just called ‘Le Big Mac’.

Born and raised in the South of France, Benoit Ollive uses spray paint and marker pens on cityscapes to create ‘a futuristic and colourful universe’. It’s a universe we like the sound of, and the exhibition covers London, Paris and Hong Kong. The show is engaging, because apart from the quality of work, people love seeing where they live. That’s why Facebook goes nuts over cool shots of HK - it makes you feel proud. Perhaps the French should set up an authority for that too.

Otherwise known as “Revert”, Benoit Ollive’s pieces will be on display from June 14 – 16 and it’s free to get in. Interestingly, if you like his style but not what you see, he also runs a graphic design studio so you can commission his work. It's extraordinary how some people live. He gets to travel around the world flirting with paints and pens while the rest of us spend our days looking into the bottom right corner of the screen. Curse that clock.

Revert to The Space.


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