John Peel's Vinyl Collection DJ's Music Going Online


John Peel, the iconic British DJ who held a show on BBC’s Radio 1 for nearly 40 years, amassed a record collection of world renown, and now a selection of it is going online. When Peel died in 2004 his musical treasure trove stood at 25,000 LPs and 40,000 singles. Blessedly, each week from now until October, 100 albums will be released on The Space in alphabetical order, starting with Mike Absalom. Bummer if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan.

It’ll be an eye-opening experience for music fans because Peel’s breadth of taste was as famous as his eye for talent. In this microcosm of his collection you’ll find everything from Appalachian mountain music to zouk. Producer, Charlie Gauvain, summed it up when he said, "It's a very personal look at John's collection," which is one of the most important archives in modern musical history. It beats our rocket shaped CD rack with 27 discs by some margin.

The virtual museum shows his studio (pictured) where you can browse the shelves and watch unseen video footage, including various home movies. (Not that kind of home video). He kept phenomenally detailed records and users can look at his personal scribblings, such as how he rated each LP. Links are also included to purchase or stream the music which will be a god-send if you’ve got an iPhone but haven't been able to face the big download yet. We know how it is, it's just too daunting - so grab all of Peel's and you'll be set for life.

With great power…