Getty/Hulton at Picture This Classic Photos from Famous Archive


The Picture This Gallery has just unveiled a collection of photos from the Getty Images/Hulton Archive featuring celebrity, cultural landmarks and classic sporting moments. They're all instantly accessible, but perhaps even more importantly, they’re also the type of casual pieces you can have on your walls; in stark contrast to the luminous pink, pop-art Chinese faces grinning maniacally from nearly ever gallery on Hollywood Rd.

The Getty/Hulton archive is one of the best mid to late 20th century photography collections in the world and at Picture This you’ll find 40 different photos on various subjects including: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Audrey Hepburn, England winning the football World Cup in 1966 and La Fenice opera house in Venice. They’re all whimsical, nostalgic shots that invoke the memory of your grandfather moaning about the glory days but it's also a chance to slip some sport past your wife under the guise of 'art'. Face it, she's never going to let you hang up that signed football shirt.

The prints come in two sizes, the larger of which spans 20” x 24” and is hand crafted from silver gelatine fibre. Priced at HK$4,800, each one comes in a limited edition run of 300 prints and is produced in a traditional darkroom directly from the negatives. The medium size photographs, meanwhile, measure 16” x 20” and are open edition prints. Likewise derived from the original negatives, they’re priced at HK$2,200, which is a bargain if you’ve ever tried downloading a photo from Getty online. The demise of Kodak clearly long forgotten.

Picture that.

Photo © Getty Images


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