Wednesday, 21.2.2018

Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition Coolest Exhibition in Hong Kong


Dialogue in the Dark is an extraordinary multi-sensory exhibition in Mei Foo, set in pitch darkness. You can’t see a thing so you’re lead around by a visually-impaired guide, an interesting role reversal designed to help raise awareness for the blind. It’s rare we’re taken so far out of our comfort zone – think of the first time you had to fight Bowser on Super Mario – and it has a very profound effect.

The idea is to teach visitors “that even without vision, the world is still a beautiful place” and the whole experience lasts for 75-minutes. The exhibition is split into five different sections which each have their own texture, sound, smell and taste. Tours are also available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and there's a carpet ban on any electronic devices so no light's emitted. Starved of our smartphones for over an hour, we go straight for the 'on' button as soon as we leave. What an era we live in.

It costs HK$130 (HK$160 on weekends) with proceeds going to the social enterprise. Your senses are heightened dramatically, in fact you marvel at what you miss out on in the outside world, and their services aren’t just limited to the exhibition. You can enjoy Dinner in the Dark, Concert in the Dark, Birthday in the Dark, Party in the Dark, Wine Tasting in the Dark or a Relationship in the Dark which isn’t what it sounds like - or what you'd hope for.

An illuminating experience.


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