HK Arts Festival Highlights Best of the 40th Edition


The 40th Hong Kong Arts Festival is up and running and there are a few highlights worth seeing. In fact, picking the right show is essential because there’ll be 166 performances on 17 stages and there are few things more embarrassing than getting up from the front row to head for the exits. It’s the adult equivalent of wetting yourself in school assembly. Everyone sees. Everyone disapproves. And most of the time you just stay where you are.

Leading the line for theatre is Brian Friel’s Faith Healer which will be performed by the Bristol Old Vic, the oldest theatre in the UK. Also returning this year is Titus Andronicus which is a bit gritty but sometimes you want to leave a play dreaming of an age when killing people was seen as sport. Can you imagine how Cristiano Ronaldo would’ve fared in the Colosseum? We’d pay to see that.

The budget tops HK$110 million and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra will be closing the festival, perfoming Bruckner, Mahler, Brahms and Schubert. Our other musical picks, meanwhile, include the unorthodox Nigel Kennedy, who’ll be mixing classical and jazz, as well as the great jazz bassist, Charlie Haden. There’ll be plenty of ballet but you’re not Cristiano Ronaldo so our dance choice is Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's take on Tezuka’s manga (pictured) which combines dance, video, calligraphy and martial arts.

Art begins at 40.

40th Hong Kong Arts Festival

Until March 8
2824 3555


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