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Top Stories of 2011 We’d like to thank you for supporting NecesCity this year so here’s a rundown of our best stories from the last 12 months


2011 was a big year in Hong Kong. We thanked the lord for a roaring T8, people almost went to the cricket sixes but then remembered it was cricket, permanent residents received a HK$6,000 tip - just for being here - and the markets sailed along happily for most of the year until they realised it wasn’t quite for them. So, with a nod to the great and the good of Hong Kong, we’ve compiled NecesCity’s best articles of the year, from the city’s triads to its virulent sex industry.


Email lifestyle tips are our bread and butter so we’ve got a top three from this year. In third place you’ll find these incredible USB cufflinks from Ravi Ratan. They can create a WiFi hotspot and offer 2GB of storage. Who says style lacks function? Read more.


Our second placed email lifestyle tip (which is sent to our subscribers daily) introduced the new Wan Chai restaurant, Madam Sixty Ate. We were the first to write about it so we received more attention than a Kardashian sex tape - and the food is stellar. Read more.


In first place you'll find the confiscated good auctions held by the Hong Kong government. When the authorities claim illegal goods from the criminal underworld, they don’t just store them. Instead they offer them up for auction to the public with everything from boats to cars falling under the hammer. Read more.


The best Profile of 2011 was Chris Thrall’s, a former royal marine who came to Hong Kong in 1995 to seek his fortune but ended up hooked on crystal meth and working for the triads. In our Profiles section we talk with the people who make Hong Kong what it is and Chris’s story of local drugs and crime is exceptional. Read more.


In our Did you Know category we celebrate odd or sensational stories from around the world and the best of 2011 inevitably featured Steve Jobs. The Westboro Baptist Church, the extreme religious cult, weighed in on the great man’s death via Twitter without realising they were actually trumpeting his cause. Read more.


The Video of the Day that turned into Video of the Year had to be People are Awesome. It reflects what we’re looking for in our daily clips – something awesome - showing people doing things you can only dream of. Watch video.


The Ins and Outs of the Hong Kong Sex Industry was the best Feature of 2011, exploring the oldest trade in the world in our fair city. Like our other Features it takes a deeper look at issues affecting Hong Kong, in this case ranging from allegations of police brutality to institutionalised crime. Read more.

We hope you enjoyed 2011 as much as we did. Have a very jolly 2012.


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