Saturday, 21.10.2017

The Book Attic in HK Rare Second Hand Book Shop in HK


Second hand book shops are in short supply in Hong Kong but we've found one on Elgin Street called The Book Attic. A charming little place, the store is particularly valuable because book prices are so offensively high in Hong Kong. If you fancy taking Richard Branson's autobiography on holiday (you won't have to speak to your girlfriend the entire trip) a visit to Dymocks will cost about the same as 10 wonton mei. Or a bowl of olives in Sevva.

The Book Attic has come to our rescue, packing approximately 5,000 titles into a tiny space with most pieces of fiction selling for about HK$50. When you walk in you can feel a warmth sadly lacking in most of Hong Kong's book stores, but with the Kindle building momentum, you wonder how long it can last. In fact we're pretty sure if you mention the word 'Kindle' in the shop, you'll be politely asked to leave or burnt at the stake.

They make hardly any money and are sustained mostly by the passion of the owner, Jennifer Li. A book lover who's just taken a course in book restoration, she also runs a book club and poetry evenings. The titles she receives are often dog eared and battered but she transforms them into something close to their original form. In fact, considering the state of the books, it's surprising that it's a second hand shop at all. Used books are cool (unlike used cars) and shopping here also saves you enough money to carry on up Elgin St. to rampage through Soho.

The Book Attic
2 Elgin Street, Central
2259 3103


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