Detour HK Design Showcase HK's Top Design Event Kicks Off


Detour 2011, Hong Kong’s biggest design festival, is up and running until December 11. The theme is ‘Use-Less’ – a combination of less is more and putting to good use items consigned to the scrap heap. While they were at it they should have added the customer service at PCCW. They are truly useless.

It's free to get in and is located on Aberdeen St just up from Hollywood Road. Thankfully they're doing it in November, otherwise that incline would be a cardiac arrest hotspot. Overall it’s an interesting display of installation art highlighting the lack of environmentalism and recycling in the city. In fact, it’s one of the best large scale design events we’ve seen all year. Our favourite piece is probably the ‘Use Less Time on your Computer’ which shows seedlings growing out of the keyboard of a Macbook Pro. You just hope the computer had run its course but you never know with these artsy types.

Apart from the installations there are plenty of performances, workshops and forums taking place on the custom-built bamboo stage. You take one look at it and wonder why it can’t be used for a few gigs each year. It would go off like a rocket. Our picks for the experiential attractions are Cut & Paste's ‘Digital Design Tournament’, a live, competitive showcase on December 9, as well as ‘Cycle-in-Cinema’, a portable pedal powered cinema system screening on December 2 & 3. You just hope for the poor guy on the bike they play some action.

The Design Dustbin

Detour 2011
Until December 11
Former Police Married Quarters, Hollywood Rd & Aberdeen St
2736 6889


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