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Admit it. You’ve taken a crappy photo at least once in your life. Whether it’s your finger covering the lens or your unsteady hand causing everyone’s face to blur, you say to yourself, it’s not you; it’s the camera (or maybe it’s the booze).

That’s the truth when it comes to the world of lomography, a form of snapshot photography in which pictures are supposed to look over-saturated in colour, blurry or distorted. Use a lomo camera, and you’ll never take another ‘crappy’ photo ever again. In fact, lomographers live by the motto, “don’t think, just shoot”, which sums up the no-holds-barred-and-be-spontaneous philosophy behind this art form.

So start lomo’ing by getting your preferred gear at the lomo HQ of Hong Kong – the Lomography Society Asia. Don’t be deceived by the toy-like appearance of the lomo cameras there; you’ll be surprised by the funky and artistic results that they’re capable of. Take, for example, the Fisheye (HK$400 and above), which distorts, stretches and curves images; or the Action Sampler (HK$290 and above), which has four lenses to capture a four-picture series. Just remember this golden rule of lomography: You don’t have to know what you’re shooting.

Lomo like a MoFo.

Lomography Society Asia
2 Po Yan St., Sheung Wan,


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