Thursday, 23.11.2017

Art of Commercials World's Best Commercials in HK


Art of Commercials, a celebration of great TV advertising from around the world, will mark its 21st birthday at the Hong Kong Arts Centre at the end of the month. Everyone loves a good advert. In fact we often remember the best (and worst) adverts better than our favourite films. Whether the Carlsberg classics or Honda’s precision, they sear themselves into our brains. It’s enough to make you wonder whether there’s any subliminal foul play going on.

The different categories range from ‘Selected from CLIO Awards 2011’ (the Oscars of advertising) to ‘Selected from British Arrows Awards 2011’ so you’re probably going to find at least one that appeals. Describing the latter they say ‘Understated British humour turns even the most mundane details of life into an epic tale. Not only can a loaf of bread cry out our tears, the heroic birth of an omelette is itself of Homerian proportions.’ Which sounds like the organisers have had some advertising training themselves - we’re sold.

Taking place from Nov 26 – Dec 18, a seat only costs $50 and there are various times so you’ll be able to fit it into your schedule. The principal venue is the agnès b. CINEMA and in total over 300 commercials will be shown. If you’re a man who’s idea of home entertainment is getting out the laptop to show your friends YouTube videos – it’s a must see event.

Commerce meets art.


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