Short Films on Fringe Club Roof Everybody’s Favourites on the Roof


Next Wednesday the Fringe Club will show 11 short films on its rooftop. Talk about cinema at its artistic best. Not only will you not have to sit through the usual Hollywood rubbish, Michael Bay essentially blowing up everything in sight for 117 minutes - you’ll also get to watch the shorts on a rooftop. And that’s romance.

The films come from Germany, Switzerland and the USA respectively, but if you don’t like one of the movies it'll be over by the time you’re back from the little boy’s room. Now in its sixth edition, highlights include Yuri Lennon’s Landing on Alpha 46 which is about a cosmonaut who arrives on a foreign planet and is confronted by an extraordinary paradox; as well as Between Heaven and Earth which features two brothers trying to escape the brutality of an Ivory Coast township.

In total the films span 100 minutes – time much better spent than watching drivel like Transformers 3 – and it’s free to get in. Can you imagine that – it’s free. For Hong Kong this is as close as we'll ever get to an artistic utopia. On that note it’s first come first serve and it starts at 7.30 so make sure you get there early.

Films on the Fringe.

Everybody’s Favourites on the Roof
October 26 from 7.30pm
2521 7251


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