G.O.D. Street Culture Museum Embrace HK's Street Culture


You’re absolutely skint this month, and with a date coming up, you’re racking your brains on where to go, without giving the impression that you’re a total cheapskate. How about taking your date to a museum? Admission is free, and she’ll think you’re a cultured intellect.

And we don’t mean just any museum. Located in an old factory complex in West Kowloon, the G.O.D. Street Culture Museum showcases Hong Kong’s cultural roots dating back to the 1950s. With historical landmarks and districts all but torn down, we’re practically left with disposable paraphernalia to remember the city by.

Thanks to the people behind the lifestyle and fashion brand, G.O.D., they’re all on display at the Museum. You’ll find vintage posters, old household-goods packaging, phones, cameras and an entire wall of old letter boxes. In contrast to the antiques are G.O.D.'s modern and trendy furniture, which are not on exhibit, but there for you to sit, relax, reminisce, and just soak in nostalgia. Can you hear the lost sounds of old Hong Kong?

It’ll be an affair to remember…

 G.O.D. Street Culture Museum

Studio Unit L2-06, The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre,
30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei
Tel: 2778-3331
Open 10am- 7pm (Closed on Tuesdays, except on public holidays.)


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