Concert in the Dark 2011 Deafening Darkness


This week sees the return of Concert in the Dark, a Hong Kong music festival held in complete darkness. The 10 shows will be a true sensory overload but it’s also a chance to show how comfortable you are in darkness, laughing at the memory of a misspent youth keeping the bedroom door open ajar at night.

Music Director Mr. Yu Yat Yiu explained, “Who says that we need eyes to travel? In a pitch dark setting where you can’t even see your fingers, we will take you to different countries using multi-national music and ever-changing sound effects in a specially-designed environment.”

A couple of the event's key musicians, Zhou Yun Peng and Lee Hin, are visually impaired while many of the stage hands are also visually impaired themselves. There are up to three performances per day (lasting 75 minutes ) finishing with celebrated singer/composer Anthony Wong on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s a great place for a first date – if you don’t like what you see (or saw before you went in) you can give the girl the slip without being particularly inventive.

Taking place at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, all proceeds will go to Dialogue in the Dark (HK) Foundation Limited, a charity that helps the visually impaired. Tickets start from HK$480 which is far better value than the Chili Peppers were earlier this month, not to mention a lot more edgy.

Ozzy Osbourne would be trembling.

Concert in the Dark 2011
Aug 25-28
Tickets from HK$480
Telephone: 6824 3613


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