Kowloon Music Festival Anti-Governmental Music Festival this Weekend


Hidden Agenda, the live house recently ordered to close by Hong Kong’s Lands Department, is hosting the Eastern Kowloon Music Industry Festival this weekend. In a place like Hong Kong where dissidence is as rare as getting enough green stuff on your Char Siu Fan, it brings a smile to your face to hear people are standing up and fighting for music.

Like many artistic platforms in Hong Kong, the problem for Hidden Agenda is using industrial premises. The government doesn’t see music as industry and a couple of months ago told them to desist. It seems they've never heard of Justin Bieber - he’s an industry in himself.

The manager, Kim Lam, has refused to bow to the pressure. The wider concern is that if the government can close Hidden Agenda they can close down Hong Kong’s other indie bands also based in factory buildings – 80 percent of which are in Kwun Tong.

Tickets for the festival cost HKD100 for one day or HKD150 for the whole weekend with performances starting at 4pm. There’s a wide range of local talent on show, playing everything from metal to experimental and hardcore to indie, with key sets from An Id Signal and King Ly Chee. Because of the diversity on offer, you’ll have to refrain from tearing into music you normally take offense to – or step outside for long periods of time.

Be Greek for the day – protest, loudly.

Eastern Kowloon Music Industry Festival at Hidden Agenda
July 30 – 31
HK$100/day or HK$150 for the weekend
Telephone: 9170 6073
6/F, Ko Leung Industrial Building, 25 Tai Yip St., Kwun Tong
Website: www.hiddenagendahk.com


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