Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy Service to a Tee


As a younger gent you probably had a go at tennis from time to time – hell, you might have even been a force to reckon with. However, playing regularly in Hong Kong, with its hectic, demanding lifestyle and space shortage, can be a little tricky.

And then there’s golf, the one sport where business talk and a certain level of intoxication is not only tolerated but expected. If you’re looking to brush up or learn either of these notoriously white collar sports from scratch, help is on its way.

The Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy will open in sunny Sai Kung at the end of the year, combining two world-renowned names in the games – the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf, directed by Billy Martin, and the Bruguera Tennis Academy, directly by Bastien Liveriou. In a world first, these two competitive forces will offer players of all ages tailored programs to bring out your true (and sometimes deeply hidden) potential. The golf academy has a total of 75 hitting bays, three coaching studios, a 9-hole putting green and a 6-hole short game (your favourite, right?) as well as swing analysis and some cutting edge tech support, including the FlightScope X-2 Elite radar aid and K-vest 7 + K-Player sensors. If love and deuce is more your thing there’s seven outdoor courts and an International Federation standard indoor course for those T8 sessions, as well as Hong Kong’s first padel tennis court. After a hard match, treat yourself to a spot of sports massage, a dash of nutritional advice, or even a medical consultation if you pursued your return to stardom a little too enthusiastically.

Game on.

 Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
81 Tai Chung Hau, Sai Kung