Abstract Breast Art


Marcey Hawk, a daring artist, is putting her 30D breasts to good use - by using them as 'brushes' to paint pictures.

Marcey Hawk covers her bosoms in paint and then presses them against her canvasses.
The artist, whose work has been bought by celebs such as Russell Brand and Hugh Hefner, uses a mixture of colours and angles her breasts in different directions and shapes to create her eye-catching pieces. Marcey has five methods she favours: the whole breast print, nipple print, 'just the tip' method, the 'squish and swirl' and her newest method which she calls the titty twerk.

She then sells her breast pieces online with some fetching up to US$500. Since creating her first painting in 2006, Marcey, from California, USA, has created thousands of pieces which she sells from her online shop under the nickname 'Boobie Painter'.

'My art is meant to be intimate, erotic, explorative and unique with a hint of whimsy - I call it chaotic yet contained abstraction,' she says.

'I began painting with my boobs after viewing a performance artist drip paint over her naked body and roll around on a large canvas sheet.

'For her the art was about public display however I was intrigued by some of the marks left behind by her painted body. Her performance led me to my experimentation and my artist niche was born. My biggest influences in the art world are Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh.

Marcey donates a portion of all sales to the Susan G Komen Foundation for their fight against breast cancer. She also creates specially commissioned work in her unique style.
'My paintings have been shipped all over the world - from the UK to Australia and can be found in almost every US state,' she says.'Some of the more well known owners of my work include people such as Hugh Hefner, Russell Brand and Rob Dyrdek.

'I like to mix up my styles so have a good variety - the 'squish and swirl' method is the one I use the most which involves using both breasts squishing and swirling the paint onto the canvas.