Part Restaurant, Part History Lesson

Being a soldier in Napoleon's army was a tough business. Not only did you have to risk bullets and cannon fire far from home, but you didn't even get a decent meal afterwards.


Taking Your Wine to the Next Level

So you might not know why we decant wine, and even if you do, you might not be 100 percent sure when to do it, and that’s ok because let’s be honest, even if it makes the wine taste better, the whole process can look a little wanky.


Groom to Win

Today’s gents looking to maintain their debonair persona should count themselves lucky. The men of the past didn’t have the raft of grooming options we now take for granted. In the late 1700s Pierre Fauchard, known as the father of modern dentistry, recommended rising with one’s own urine to kill germs and maintain good oral health.


Your Next Great Adventure

List off the countries in Africa you’d associate with the classic safari and you’d be forgiven for leaving out Zimbabwe. The former colonial territory of Rhodesia has had a rough time over the past decade or two;


Tech Meets Style

When Steven Sasson, an employee of Kodak, invented the first digital camera in 1975, it consisted of several off-the-shelf devices jerry-rigged together. Of course the company wasn’t all that impressed with the idea of digital photography


Time to Brazilanese

Fusion cuisine may have become the culinary craze of the 1990s (and the cocktail equivalent of Midori by the Noughties) but it’s been around a lot longer than that.


Your Own Robotic Stalker

Few concepts bridge the divide between science fiction and reality quite like Artificial Intelligence, and you might be surprised how old a concept it really is.


It’s What Your Wet Bar’s Been Waiting For

The cocktail shaker is a fundamental component to any cocktail set up. The first shakers could be traced back to 7,000BCE, where jars were used in pre-Hispanic Mexico and South America. Even the Eqyptians blended spices and fermented grain spirit in containers before serving.


Time for a Touch of Exploration

The history pages are filled with men looking for adventure and glory, and arctic explorers are no exception.


Is it Date Night Already?

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to bars and restaurants in Hong Kong, of that there is no doubt. But it can still be tricky to find just the right spot for a first date – too loud, it looks like a pick up joint, too quiet and she’ll think you’re reaching for chloroform every time you pick up your napkin.


Change for the Good

Change. You may love it or hate it. You may even suffer from metathesiophobia (it’s worth a Google), but change, as the saying goes, is inevitable. Change is about making things more relevant, more attractive, more efficient, and more effective. Change is about keeping up with the times, about replacing old norms with new trends.


Fine Dining Done Right

You might have noticed that the ladies like a gent who knows a thing or two about the finer things in life. Knowing which wine goes with your main is all well and good but have you thought about taking it to the next level?


The recently winner of Sports Illustrated’s 2016 Swimsuit Model Search, NecesCity speaks with Hong Kong-born model and ass-kicker Mia Kang about life in the lens, Bond Girl aspirations, and what she misses most about the Fragrant Harbour. 


You were born in Hong Kong but live in New York; how often do you return to our fair city and what do you miss most?

I try to come back every 3 or 4 months. There is a lot that I miss about Hong Kong. I miss the convenience of the city and being able to get so much done in a day. I miss the fact that you can be hiking in the mountains or wake surfing in the sea in 20 minutes, and of course I miss the food, dong leng cha and char siu in particular.


You’re clearly far more than just a ‘pretty face’ and gave up a promising career in finance to model fulltime. Was that a hard sacrifice to make?

I retired as a model and went into finance. After working as a commodities trader for three months, and then training in derivatives consulting for another three, I decided to move back to Hong Kong to be closer to my family and give modeling a last spin. It wasn't a difficult decision for me to make. No one can take my education from me now that I have it under my belt. Modeling is a career with a short life expectancy, and I am lucky to be able to do it. So I thought I should pursue it while I still can. 


You’re a Eurasian with a Korean mother and an English father; do you think this has given you an edge in your modelling career?

Definitely. I think selling a unique product always helps in business. It makes you stand out from the rest. I also think that these days there is a lot of value in the ethnically ambiguous look. On the downside, you’re a minority so the pool of opportunity for you is smaller. Generally when people cast they have a particular look in mind, so I have come to accept that it’s harder for me to get in the room. But when I'm in the room, that's my time to shine. 


You’ve nailed your dream job, what’s next for you?

I never stop dreaming. Sports Illustrated cover! I would love to accomplish a lot. I would love to try my hand at acting. I've always wants to be a Bond Girl, I've always wanted to be in martial arts movies. But most importantly all of this is a platform for me to try and make a change in the industry. 


You’re an anti-bullying advocate; does that stem from personal experience?

Yes I was bullied growing up. Bullying can destroy a person’s life. I think that it is important to try and equip youth with tools to best deal with social pressures. I certainly wish I had more strong female role models when I was growing up, and there is nothing more that I would like to do with my life than to be that for others. 


You’re the perfect balance of brains, beauty and lethality - where does your passion for Muay Thai come from? 

First of all, thank you, that’s such a nice thing to say. I initially tried it just for fitness purposes, but I quickly fell in love with it. I love the discipline and bravery. I think the technique is beautiful and fluid. I admire the intelligence that goes into fighting - it’s just as much about the mental as it is the physical. It’s about finding opportunities and your reflexes. I love how it makes me feel when I land that perfect shot. I definitely think that it takes a certain kind of personality to be able to do combat sports. I have always had a tough edge to me, and this is my perfect outlet. I prefer it to other martial arts because it can only be practiced with impact, and I prefer it to boxing because of the use of all the limbs.


You’ve said you’d like to act in action movies; which actresses inspire you?

Lucy Liu, Michelle Yeoh, Uma Thurman, Zhang Ziyi.


Having travelled to some of the world’s glamorous destinations, where do you call home, and where do you escape to?

Home changes for me regularly. Right now home for me is Koh Samui (where I spend a lot of the year learning and training in Muay Thai), and New York where I am based for work. Hong Kong will always be my real home and where I am from. Although I am not Chinese, when people ask me where I am from I always answer Hong Kong. 


You’re out in the town in Hong Kong; where are we likely to find you and your friends? 

Dinner at Mott32 or Brickhouse. Drinks at Stockton. Sitting at a table on the terrace of Dragon-i catching up with friends. 


As someone who spends her life being photographed, what is beauty to you?

Beauty to me is subjectively universal. There is something innate in beauty, but at the same time we all have our own preferences. To me, beauty lies in the unexpected, in the weird, in the peculiar and quirky. I like faces that I'll never forget. Beauty has no boundaries or limitations. Beauty doesn't fit into boxes or categories. It is not a certain size, colour or shape. Real beauty is a feeling not just a thought. I think that a real supermodel oozes this feeling. She walks into a room and lights it up; she leaves people with a certain presence. It’s not only about the exterior; it’s about who she is.



Take Steak Seriously

The relationship between a man and his butcher is, in our humble option, akin to his relationship with his priest, his wife, and her sister – it’s something special.


It’s Our Time Now

So you consider yourself a bit of a music buff, a festival fan, a man-about-the-dancefloor, and with good reason. You’ve travelled the world to attend, front row and all, the world’s best music concerts and events, from muddy farm fields in the English countryside, and the beaches of Singapore, to the free love best found in the streets of Berlin.


Time to Turn Off

It’s possible you don’t know much about the origins of floatation therapy. Using a sensory deprivation tank (which sounds like the swimming pool at Guantanamo), neuropsychiatrist John C. Lilly pioneered today’s modern float tank concept as part of his research into sensory deprivation back in the 1950s.


Formula E Comes to the Kong

Formula E, the world’s first all-electric racing series, may be in its infancy, having only started in 2012, but that doesn’t mean it lacks all the glam of its big fossil fuel-powered siblings, and next month’s race (October 8-9) in Hong Kong promises to be the cumulative party of the year for motorheads and earth huggers alike.


The Orient-Express of the Andes

We’re sure you’d agree there’s something bloody civilized about train travel. Of course we’re not talking about the nightly mosh pit that is Admiralty MTR, or that stint through India you did as a saucer-eyed backpacker;


Make the most of these lingering summer weekends with these innovative free-flow he-brunches, perfect for a spot of male bonding or perhaps some day-time romancing.


The Next Generation of Junking

We all remember our first junk; the anticipating of making new friends, plastic cups of warm Tanduay rum and coke under a basking sun; perilous leaps from the top deck, the inevitable accidents on slippery timber, the early pass outs, and the serenity of the final cruise as night descended.


Creature Comforts

Here’s a handy fact. The term ‘comfort food’ can be traced back to 1966 when that sturdy foundation of the Fourth Estate, the Palm Beach Post, spoke of the foods we turn to when we’re stressed.


The West is the Best

You might have noticed that the journey west on the Hong Kong Island tramline is becoming increasingly interesting. Perhaps you too have stopped in at the cafes of High Street, the galleries of lower Sai Ying Pun, or even popped down to Kennedy Town for brunch on the waterfront.


Don’t Wait, Take Action

Wondering why your average-looking neighbour has a sexy new house guest’ every Saturday night while you’re home watching Game of Thrones solo? Vancouver-based dating coach and founder of Absolute Ability Tony D gives us his tips on how to be a better player of the dating game.


The Sound of Silence

Throughout history man has sought silence for various reasons. Hermits retreat from the world in search of solace, holy men – and not just monks with pattern baldness – have taken mauna or vows of silence for centuries in order to get closer to their gods, and even Pythagoras imposed a strict rule of silence on his disciples.


Good Things Come to Those Who Seek

You’d have to live in a remote village on the Chinese border not to notice the leaps and bounds the Hong Kong cocktail scene has made these past few years.


The Digital Wallet that’s Smarter than You

Let us paint a fairly common picture for you; you’re out entertaining clients and just as the bill arrives you realise you’ve forgotten your corporate card, guaranteeing hours of bureaucratic wrestling in the days to come.


Travel without Leaving Home

There are many good reasons to travel, especially during the summer months when Hong Kong becomes a steam room and Asia’s beaches (and their beauties) beckon like tiki bar-lined mirages.


Be What You Drink

So we get it; you’re going for that young, dynamic man-of-the-world look, and why not? If there’s something the lovelies love, it’s a man who knows what he wants, who exudes confidence, who talks the talk, and who defines himself through every facet of his being, from his bespoke suit and on-trend hair, through to his extensive knowledge of Spanish pickup lines, and his kitsch-is-cool Knight Rider ring tone.


Know Thy Rum

When it comes to Manila, we’re sure thoughts of sizzling temperatures, polluted air, overcrowded streets, and infuriating traffic jams that make every destination so close yet so far, burst to mind. However, we assure you, change is afoot.


Know Thy Rum

Hong Kong is a city that doesn’t like to do things by halves and the result is we can come across a little showy, a little arrogant, a little cliché. Look at the wine scene for example; you’ve got guys peddling very average drops at sky-rocket prices, and sommeliers and chefs making up the pairings as they go along, so long as the bottom line keeps the investors happy.