The Closest Shave

Shaving. It’s a daily chore for some of us, and one that’s never as glamorous as the commercials would have us believe. After all, when was the last time you had a naked woman wrapping her arms around you and whispering in your ear as you shaved? Exactly. Razor burn, shaving rash, the odd self-inflicted wound; it’s hard to find joy in this daily act, but with the right tools you can add a little ceremony to the facial servitude.

Men’s grooming brand Hommage has just launched in our fair city. From its beautifully-crafted shaving sets, conceptualised by industrial designer and Hommage co-founder Wolfgang Joensson and named for the most stylish destinations in the world, to its line of ‘performance-based’ skin care products, and signature grooming atelier Hommage promises to take your morning drag to a whole new level. Products like the Huile de PreRasage pre-shave oil and the Huile de Rasage Emolliente relief gel are designed to make your shave smoother, faster, and closer, with no burning or unsightly rashes afterwards. The blades and brushes, made from fine leather and carbon fibre reminiscent of a luxury fountain pen, also make for eye-catching additions to your bathroom collection, should the aforementioned wrapping and whispering ever take place.

Because a professional needs tools.

Available at the Cigar Emporium, Elements; Harvey Nichols; Havana Express, Soho; and the Mandarin Oriental Barber.


Back to Rum School

If you’ve been paying attention to the advice of your local barman, and you should, you’ll know that premium rum is picking up pace in Asia like a McLaren P1, and for good reason.


Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.


Embrace fighting – man’s ultimate pastime – by learning MMA from one of Hong Kong’s five best studios, so you can pack a punch and get your adrenaline and testosterone levels going through the roof. 


The JAB Elite Mixed Martial Arts Studio in Central was named one of the Top Ten MMA Gyms in Asia in 2012 by Fight Nation for its high quality classes and training facilities. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Professor Rodrigo Caporal offers both group and individual training sessions for all levels of MMA experience, and turns the sport into a full body workout whilst also teaching mental self-control and muscle conditioning. With classes happening throughout the week at various times, the club also provides therapy sessions to relieve body pain through neurological improvement and targets non-surgical fat burning processes with advanced nutrition plans.


Epic MMA Club

Since opening in March 2012, the Epic MMA Club in Central has taught men of all ages the art and discipline behind combative sports and cardiovascular conditioning. With punching bags, sparring rings and state of the art training equipment in over 1,350sqm worth of studio space, the club is famed for its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-influenced MMA training programme. Instructors Alberto Mina and Alex Silva teach striking, clinching, take-down and grappling techniques to equip fighters for spars in the ring and in real life. Classes are scheduled for all levels on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30pm – the perfect post-work scene to release tension through exercise.



Impakt’s signature MMA classes value training and skill over brute strength and power. Instructor Rein De Guzman pulls styles from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai to develop a lethal brand of MMA which teaches control and discipline over the mind and body. The club also offers fitness training programmes along with the MMA classes to help build core stability and tone and strengthen muscles. Classes take place every Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 2pm, and are only seconds away from Central MTR.



For those on the Kowloon side, the Triquest MMA and Fitness Academy in Tsim Sha Tsui is the place to train. Hong Kong’s MMA legend Thomas Fan, Ken Man and Bernard Fung lead the MMA courses and draw elements from Kyokushin Karate and KickBoxing to give fighters an edge over others, whilst also teaching skills that can be applied in other sports such as ice hockey and rugby. Sign up for a Thursday or Friday class from 7-8pm, or go in for a Saturday 2:30-4pm session to spar and sweat it out with the lads.



Hayabusa’s top-notch MMA training programme is strongly influenced by Muay Thai techniques which emphasise quick, short jabs from the elbows and strong kicks from the legs. Classes are taught by MMA head coach Leo Li who encourages fighters to hone fighting skills (and burn a few calories while you’re at it) as well as develop aspects of sportsmanship. With a Central studio and a Causeway Bay centre to pick from, and classes scheduled for weekday evenings and weekend afternoons, learners will be in for action-packed sessions of aerobic and cardiovascular workouts.



Spain Meets Sai Ying Pun

Hong Kong is a city that’s always reinventing itself.


Bivouac with Style

We all know that our basic needs are simple: food, clothing, shelter, scotch.


Going Streamlined

While you’re reading this, there is a distinct possibility that you’re doing so on a slight lean.


Put Roaming Fees in Their Place

None of us like nasty surprises.


Who Dares Wins

Learning to be a chef is often a long and gruelling process, working in the creative shadows of your elders and betters. After the technical education, after potentially years of washing dishes and chopping onions, you might be fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of culinary greats.


Returning to the Basics

In a city where the culinary culture simmers somewhere between late night cha chaan tengs and celebrity chef restaurants rarely visited by their namesake, it’s understandable if you crave a return to the basics, an adherence to heritage, and a respect for ingredients.


Your New Throne Has Arrived

Once upon a time, perhaps more years ago than you’d like to admit, you could be found perched on your Chuck Taylor All-Stars, staring at a boxy television, a game console controller clutched between sweaty mitts.


While we associate the sinfully cool creation of author Ian Fleming with tropical climes and scantily clad dames, he’s had plenty of skirmishes in cold weather.


Your Friendly Fusion Foundry

Some things just go well together, like pineapple and maple bacon, like vermouth and olives, like peanut butter and ladies.


Take Your Music Anywhere

We’re a bit of a spoilt generation if you think about it.


Give in to Your Vanity

Most of us don’t mind being in photos.


Lock in Your Dining Experience

It’s true that some women love spontaneity in a man; they think it reflects on our romanticism and creativity, and that’s all fine and dandy.


Keeping Your Cool

Mankind has always struggled to keep things that should be cold as frosty as possible.


Cocktails with a Twist

Mixology, the art form of bartending, has well and truly found a home in Hong Kong after generations of poorly-made, overly sweet cocktails.


Custom Noose for Your Neck

You may not know it but that thin piece of material you diligently wear around your neck each time you go to work has some pretty complex origins.


Art Has a Dark Side

Many artists like being controversial.


A Touch of Local Flavour

Hong Kong’s mixology street cred may follow behind the scenes in Sydney, London, and New York, but innovators behind the mahogany are doing their bit to put our fair city on the cocktail creating map, and one new spot hidden away above busy Hollywood Road blends east and west better than a junk load of Hong Kong-born, Canadian educated co-eds.



Boxing is an unparalleled display of aggression and elegance, but Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) takes that performance one step further.


Your Private Kitchen Gallery

Privacy is not something to be taken for granted in Hong Kong.


Ride In Style

You’re a charismatic man of the world, with a nuanced appreciation for the finer things in life and a wardrobe of suits that make Sinatra look like a hobo.


Learn to be a Lethal Laddie

You might have started out slow, playground wrestling with other kids, weekend karate classes at the local rec centre so you could be the next Daniel LaRusso, maybe a spot of white collar boxing on your way up in the world.


Value and Nostalgia in Central

There’s no doubt that Vietnamese street food is all the rage in Hong Kong at the moment.


In this breif clip, Michelin-starred chef, Alvin Leung takes you on a culinary quest throughout Hong Kong -  stopping at various beefy hotspots, you'll learn how to eat an entire (almost!) cow. How to Eat a Cow In Hong Kong was produced by Discover Hong Kong. 


Are You Up For The Challenge?

Let's face it, few of us managed to get through ou r precarious youth without at least a fleeting fantasy of being James Bond. 


Let the Sparks Fly

Whether you and your paramour are just starting out or have been manacled together for years, there are two things that are necessary in a relationship: communication, and the ability to keep things interesting.