Thursday, 19.10.2017

Skull candy for true audiophiles

Attention, all Tubesters, Victrolans and Hi-fiers! Tweek your tweeters and boost your woofers! Get ready for some juicy eye candy… no, ear candy…no, Skull Candy that’s going to rock your audio world


Taste a bar of wine

A true oenophile once said, "I shall whet thy lips, parched by the winds of deprivation...know me, for I am Zinfandel!" Okay, while we don’t expect you to recite Shakespeare at the dinner table, you might be able to use this as a pick up line.


Find the yin to your yang

We know you’re on our side when we say that Hong Kong is slowly but surely losing its battle at preserving what’s left of the city’s cultural heritage. Here comes the wrecking ball, and there goes Queen’s Pier, Wedding Card Street and possibly the wet markets in your neighborhood.