Wednesday, 7.10.2015

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Hong Kong’s bar and restaurant scene is constantly in motion, constantly evolving, with new spots opening with a PR-fueled bang and closing with all the stealth of a married man navigating his way out of someone else’s bedroom.


The Man Knows his Meat

David Laris is well known to foodies across the region.


Prepare for Change

Being flexible is the key to being a good traveller.


The Best of Both Worlds

How many times where you watching the big game at a sports bar, and just before that final touch down, that tear-jerking try, that spectacular goal, or even that overly ambitious eight iron approach, you’re brought back to reality with a quick slap, a whimper, a shriek, or even that awful question “are you even listening to me?”.


Craving Crustaceans

tome of luxury dining? Once upon a time lobsters were as abundant as potatoes, certainly in eastern Canada and New England, where the best lobster comes from today.


Gallivanting around on holiday is always fun, but it’s always better when there’s a bit of alcohol on hand. Bottles and cans are for boys; for all the classy gents out there, we’ve rounded up five hip flasks to make holiday drinking both easy and sexy.


Bring the Cold with You

One of the most important innovations in mankind’s history was – no, not fantasy league - but the ability to make things cold.


Go On, Be Judgey

Are men superficial in this day and age? Perhaps. But can you blame us? Today we live in an information rich environment, where everything is available in an instant, at the tips of our fingers. This means we make decisions faster than ever before – no one is saying they are always the right ones – and when it comes to dating, it’s about getting past the initial hindrances (is she your type for example, or is she someone else’s wife?) so we can get down to the business of love. A new app, surprisingly brought to you by a partnership between the host and the owner of the impossible-to-watch The Bachelor series, kills two birds with one stone.

Available on Android, At First Sight is essentially Tinder with video, removing the question of whether a lovely lady is even available, and helping you sort through to find those that fit your own unique criteria (and don’t sound like Fran Drescher). You can manage the profile stream through a flagging system that filters out (yes out, not in) nudity or sexual content, as well as geography, and get a sense of what someone is like before you take things to the next level. Pick from six-second videos or opt for a 60 second live video chat, during which either party can choose to ‘like’ and continue or move on to the next candidate. Participates answer pre-selected questions that regularly change to keep things interesting.

Never be fooled again!

At First Sight

Google playstore


Watch what happens when you give recreationals to sex dolls and then play the Thai equivalent of Gangnam Style


Round Two

We are an innovative species, and given enough time, we will improve on our past performances, invent greater technology than what previously existed, and generally evolve concepts we already created. Look at your phone – you remember that Motorola brick you used to carry in your pocket like a lump of lead? Now you’re slick, connected, and surfing on a wafer-thin mini-computer. Remember your first girlfriend? She will always have a place in your man archives, but few of us settled down with the first chick that gave us a second look. Instead we grew in confidence, deciphered the mind of the woman, plotted our strategy and in many cases bagged a keeper. Even with films it’s often worth waiting for the sequel, when characters mature, plots unravel with ease, and the sense of escapism that we look for in cinema becomes natural.

Be good to your ears and reward those savvy German engineers with a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 noise-isolating over-ear headphones. As perfectly suited for long-haul travel as they are for midnight gaming, the popular P5s were given a technological thrust with Series 2 (known as P5 Wireless), with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, 4mm drivers, a three-button earpiece operation system, and two built-in mics to make calls crystal clear. There is still the same removable ear pads, the same soft sheep leather that makes you want to suck your thumb, but that all comes with a 17-hour lifespan and a back-up cable that ensures the party doesn’t stop until you want it to.

Here’s to killer cans.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless

From Hk$2,898