Thursday, 18.12.2014

All You’ll Want for Christmas

‘Tis the season, and along with the carols that grate on your nerves, the frenzy of last-minute shopping, and the often tacky ornaments and displays found…well, just about everywhere, comes the disappointment on Christmas morning when you unwrap your gifts to find a pile of presents that “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t quite make up for.


An Interview with Kaitlin Kapur

 As head of bespoke matchmaking company Anteros International – an exclusive dating service for the discerning and well-heeled – Kaitlin Kapur knows a thing or two about romance.


Admiralty’s New Class Act

It seems whenever you think of the word ‘Continental,’ it conjures up a sense of old world charm, of hospitality steeped in tradition, of an attention to detail that we rarely encounter in today’s fast paced world.


A Meeting of the Minds

Hong Kong’s cocktail culture is coming along nicely after many years of overly-sweet, overly-colourful concoctions that rot teeth and wrack brains the next day.


The Ultimate Man Cave

We men love being in the presence of women.


Pure Genius

Hong Kong loves its culinary trends, and the latest is all about simple pleasures; the combination of a simple rib-eye steak, cooked to perfection, and served with French fries and sauce, usually hollandaise or béarnaise, or even a simple jus, is magic after a long day screen-gazing. Add lashings of cheeky red wine and you have a recipe for a lad’s night out. Here’s who’s doing steak frites in the Fragrant Harbour.


Keeping Things Simple

The French know a thing or two about fashion, culture, and fine dining. But like most fashion-forward cultures, they also excel at simplicity, as can be seen at family-run Parisian culinary landmark Le Relais de l’Entrecôte, founded in 1959, where your choices are limited to the wine that accompanies your steak and French fries, which come doused in a secret sauce passed down over the generations.


Video Gaming for Adults

When you were young, depending on how long ago we’re talking, you would have gone through a video game phase.


This November a brotherhood of men once again took to the streets of Hong Kong proudly sporting all manner of moustaches in support of Movember, the men’s health-advocating charity that seems to gather more ‘bros each year. NecesCity gathered three MoBros one evening to talk about their mo’ stories over a few man-approved cocktails.


MoBro: Nicholas Worley
Years as a MoBro:
This year’s mo’ style:

Nick 346x288 141126

Nick’s grandfather passed away at an early age from undetected prostate cancer, so when he heard about Movember, he knew it was a brilliant way to raise money to fight the disease,and raise awareness for men’s health in general. “I think Movember is important because men need to realise that we’re not as strong as we think we are, and that health is very important.” His involvement started when he contacted the Melbourne-based charity to try and organise a gala party here, a move which eventually led to the official launch of Movember in Hong Kong. For Nick, the biggest marker of Movember’s popularity has been its total assimilation into global and local culture, one so complete that even workplaces and gyms are supporting it. As well as growing a ‘mo, Nick’s team – a group of Crossfit enthusiasts – are raising money with a burpee challenge, where they complete one burpee for every HKD10 raised. So far the team has raised more than HKD30,000, so on November 29, the team – supported by the Hong KongCrossfit community – will be on a mission to finish 3,000 burpees.

Words of mo’ wisdom: Grow a mo’ and save a bro.

MoBro: James Aitchison
Years as a MoBro: Seven
This year’s mo’ style: Trucker

James 346x288 141126

For James, Movember’s unique status as one of the few charities to specifically address men’s health was the initial drawcard. “Health is something which too many of us are nonchalant about until we hit mid-life, so the awareness the charity aims to increase is such an important aspect. In a very specific way it addresses the number one health concern for men, which is cancer.” But, the camaraderie he found once he started growing a mo’ is what’s kept him going for seven years. “Whether it’s with my team, or with a stranger sporting an excellent ‘gringo’ (look it up!) at the pub on a Friday night, it’s great that we can band together for a just and righteous cause.”James is also part of the Crossfit Burpee-athon, but his Movember involvement also has ties to his professional life. His employer, Australia’s Macquarie Group, is a vocal supporter of the charity – they were declared Movember’s biggest corporate fundraiser in 2012. James describes the charity’s rise in popularity as an ‘incredible journey,’ which has grown from being a largely Australian initiative into the truly global even that it is now.

Words of mo’ wisdom: Good donators make good lovers…make MO mistake!

MoBro: Peter Yuill
Years as a MoBro: Four or five years
This year’s mo’ style: None – I used to have big fancy ones, but decided to go simple this year.


Peter 346x288 141126

Stylised facial hair was always a part of Peter’s look so when he heard about Movember, the charity seemed like a perfect fit. The fact that it was a fun, creative way to get guys talking about men’s health made his involvement a no-brainer. “Often, men don’t want to discuss their health so I think the Movember message is an important one.” As an official Movember representative in Hong Kong, Peter’s thrilled to see how much the charity’s popularity has grown in recent years. “Movember’s always been popular around the world but it only had a small following here early on. Now, you don’t just see expats getting involved, a lot of locals take part as well.” Peter and his team, Mo Against the Machine, have also teamed up with the guys at Clockenflap for a month-long run of events to benefit Movember – dodgeball days and trike drifting in the New Territories are just a few of the active, money-raising efforts the team have taken part in.

Words of mo’ wisdom: Growing a moustache doesn’t just make you look good, it might help save your life.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

We’re all looking for motivation in life; we’re all looking for satisfaction, renewed energy, and even companionship, and what better time to seek these essential elements out than at the end of yet another year?